Better Orienteering has been made possible due to the generous involvement of many orienteers.

They include:

Sarah Brown (SLOW) – permission to embed links to the Get Up to Speed videos

Steve Rush (BOK) for permission to use photographs. For more of Steve’s photographs of orienteering see:

Rob Lines for permission to use the photograph of Phil Broadhead

Maprunner – Simon Errington – permission to use the summary of control descriptions and summary of map symbols

Wrekin Orienteers, in particular Rod Postlethwaite, Peter Jones and Peter Bayliss for permission to use map extracts

The Irish Orienteering Association for permission to use the 10 elements of orienteering video

British Orienteering for permission to use the Newcomer’s guide map

Andy Paterson, Clydeside Orienteers for permission to include the What is an orienteering map? video

Nick Barrable, Editor of CompassSport, for permission to include the July 2019 article on Better Orienteering from CompassSport

Victor Lundmark, Skogssport Journalist, for permission to include his article in Skogsport.

Orienteering Australia for permission to link to their skills web pages including the Coaching Tips on Orienteering ACT

Kris Jones for permission to include an article on Orienteering navigation analysis and a 5 step Process Model.

Goran Andersson for permission to include pages from Cool, Awesome, Educational Orienteering at school ages 6-15

David Jukes of BKO for permission to include leaflets from the Know Your Sport series published in BKO Newsletter and on BKO website

Richard Sansbury Quantock Orienteers for permission to include links to Skilling Up

Contributing orienteers who have shared ideas or reviewed material in Better Orienteering:

Ifor Powell (BOK) Peter Bayliss (Wrekin) Mark Stodgell (WCH) Adrian Pickles (Wrekin) Tony Callow (Wrekin) Richard Lewis (Wrekin) Andy Clough (Wrekin) Tereza Rush (BOK) Sarah Brown (SLOW)

As Better Orienteering keeps growing, I will try to keep this acknowledgements list up to date to reflect all contributions.