Where can I try orienteering?

You can try orienteering at one of many races run all across the country throughout the year. You can also try orienteering at permanent courses you can visit at any time.

Photo: Steve Rush BOK
Competitors only wear numbers at the bigger races

These websites will help you find orienteering competitions, training events and permanent courses near you to try:

British Orienteering events list


Ollie O’Brien’s easy to search map of upcoming events


Find an orienteering club near you


Connecting with a local orienteering club is the best way to get started and find out more

Forestry Commission Permanent Orienteering Courses

The Forestry Commission has teamed up with orienteering clubs to create quality permanent courses at a dozen locations across the country. The control markers are always out in the forest. You can find out about them and where to buy a map from, usually a visitor centre, on their Orienteering page linked below. If a course is closed due to forestry works for example, then the place that you can buy maps will have up to date details.

When visiting an permanent orienteering course it is important to remember that whilst local orienteering clubs do their best to ensure that all the marker posts are in place, they can go missing. Forest activities such as felling trees and moving timber can change the map too.

An example of a permanent orienteering course

An example of part of one of the maps from a permanent course at Cannock Chase in Staffordshire is shown below. It is a Light Green course which is aimed at runners with some navigation experience. There are also shorter simpler courses on Cannock Chase for absolute beginners having their first go at orienteering. See the Forestry Commission Orienteering page for more details.

An extract from Fairoak permanent course on Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

The full map and details can be found at the Forestry Commission Orienteering web page.


A longer list of all the permanent orienteering courses in Britain and map to locate them is available from British Orienteering: