Plan, Picture, Direction

Better Orienteering is built around a navigation model – Plan, Picture, Direction – It is used across Better Orienteering. You will read about it in the skills discussions. The model can work for beginners, intermediates and elites. It provides a simple way to remember what you understand about orienteering navigation.

This section collects all the examples of Plan, Picture, Direction together in one place. More examples will be added as I get time to make them.



Here is a second example with more detail, linked to a video by O-Ringen TV



This example is based on a video by O-Ringen TV.

Janne Troeng talks through the process of identifying a reliable route, and how to execute it.

Now watch the video:

At an Advanced level you are continually updating your Plan, Picture and Direction on a rolling basis. You no longer think one leg of the course at a time.

You can also relate Plan, Picture Direction to all the skills discussions across Better Orienteering