Learning videos

In this section the top orienteering learning videos are listed first, followed by a longer YouTube Playlist (see further down page). The playlist starts with ones that cover the simplest concepts moving on to more advanced videos, with a few extra videos linked at the end.

Thanks to the Irish Orienteering Association, SLOW, and O-Ringen TV for permission to integrate these videos into Better Orienteering.

Videos that help you learn about orienteering are also linked to across Better Orienteering and related to discussion of different skill levels from Beginner to Advanced and Beyond.

The top ones to watch to see skills demonstrated are:

10 Elements of Orienteering by the Irish Orienteering Association 10 videos on the basics.


Think Fast, Run Hard, Go Orienteering by SLOW 9 videos covering Intermediate level techniques


O-Ringenskolan for more demonstration of Basic to Intermediate level techniques

English sub-titles start a few seconds into the video


O-Ringen TV Learn Orienteering with Janne Troeng for more Advanced skills.

Swedish with English sub-titles

These 4 series of videos contain over 30 videos in total, demonstrating orienteering skills in practice. They are linked to across Better Orienteering following the structure of the skills sections; Beginner, Basic Navigation Routine, Intermediate (Skills Tool Kit), Advanced and Beyond.

A few things to remember before binge watching orienteering videos!

The videos linked to here are by orienteers for orienteers. However, don’t see them as everything you need to know. There are some differences of opinion between them that to some extent reflect the skill level being demonstrated.

All the videos will stimulate your thinking about orienteering navigation. Think critically about what you see. You will find that an approach or idea that works well at one point of your orienteering development will seem less relevant or even wrong at another stage as you get better. That is why the structured discussion of skills across Better Orienteering aims to help you build skills in manageable stages.

Be aware that the internet will throw up links to a wide range of videos on navigation and orienteering, some of which have some very poor advice on how to navigate when orienteering.

Better Orienteering YouTube playlist

There are 2 ways to see the playlist:

  1. You can go straight to the You Tube Playlist (next link below) Note: The 10 Elements of orienteering videos are on Vimeo not YouTube.
  2. Read on down this page where the videos are grouped by skill levels and linked including the Vimeo videos. Where there is series of videos in a playlist, the first one is linked and you can follow the series from there.
The YouTube Playlist. A short overview video followed by 34 learning videos

Orienteering Learning videos grouped by skill levels: Beginner to Advanced

The videos are listed as quick links below from Beginner to Advanced:

Very basic videos:

3 Simple animated videos. Good for school children

Part 1 The Map

Part 2 – Planning your route

Part 3 – Finding your way

Beginner’s videos:

The clearest introduction to orienteering, by World Champion, Graham Gristwood
All you need to know before trying a permanent orienteering course for the first time
4 videos on the basics for beginners – building in easy steps that bridge from being a newcomer to having a good Basic Navigation Routine

Getting Started

Getting Going

Getting Confident

Getting Faster

Understand what the map symbols show
The key basics you need to know

10 short videos that cover the basic skills

Advice for your first event. Start of a series.

A series for beginners on all aspects of starting orienteering

Introduction to Mountain Bike Orienteering
English sub-titles start a few seconds into the video. Lots of skills demonstrated

Many skills demonstrated for beginners and improvers

Intermediate videos:

The British Elite squad demonstrate skills

9 videos from the GB elites covering many aspects of a Tool Kit of skills

Classroom style discussion of skills from OUSA

Intermediate/ Advanced videos:

O-Ringen TV Advanced skills videos Swedish with English sub-titles

9 videos covering more difficult navigation and the skills needed to tackle it

Further Advanced videos:

Elite orienteers in action

Judith Wyder – a World Champion in action
Headcam video Thierry Gueorgiou on of the World’s best orienteers in action
More headcam video of an elite orienteer
Headcam video related to maps for analysis of technique
Some insight into the Irish elite orienteering squad

And a video to inspire you:

The World’s best in action showing incredible technique

A short overview PowerPoint

This short PowerPoint presentation steps you through the videos with some brief comments on each, to help you find ones most suitable to your skill level and interests.