Learning videos

Videos that help you learn about orienteering are linked to across Better Orienteering and related to different skill levels from Beginner to Advanced and Beyond. In this section they are repeated and simply listed below as a playlist, starting with ones that cover the simplest concepts moving on to more advanced videos. Some links are to individual videos, others start a series.

The top ones to watch to see skills demonstrated are:

10 Elements of Orienteering by the Irish Orienteering Association 10 videos on the basics


Think Fast, Run Hard, Go Orienteering by SLOW 9 videos covering Intermediate level techniques.

A few things to remember before binge watching orienteering videos!

The videos linked to here are by orienteers for orienteers. Don’t see them as everything you need to know and indeed there are some differences of opinion between them that to some extent reflect the skill level and background of the people making and presenting the videos. That is why the SLOW series is so helpful, since the advice is all from elite orienteers who have run for the UK. What all the videos will do is stimulate your thinking about orienteering navigation. Think critically about what you see in all the videos in the playlist. You will find that an approach or idea that works well at one point of your orienteering development will seem less relevant or even wrong at another stage as you get better. That is why the structured discussion of skills across Better Orienteering aims to help you build skills in manageable stages.

Be aware that the internet will throw up links to a wide range of videos on navigation and orienteering, some of which have pretty dubious advice on how to navigate in an orienteering context, hence making a list of suggestions that are worth watching.

A short overview PowerPoint

This short PowerPoint presentation steps you through the videos with some brief comments to help you find ones most suitable to your skill level and interests.

The Playlist

The videos are listed as quick links below: