Useful websites on orienteering and other resources

The sources listed below have various resources to help improve your orienteering. Some are referred to elsewhere on this website Better Orienteering. Some are additional sites and resources.

International Orienteering Federation   

This includes 3 short very basic videos for beginners:

Orienteering Part 1- The Map

Orienteering Part 2- Planning your route

Orienteering Part 3 – Finding your way

British Orienteering

It has a newcomers guide on the very basics:

This includes a link to IOF control descriptions

World of O website           

A treasure trove of maps from around the world, race analysis, orienteering news

The Route to Christmas series is a great way to see analysis of interesting legs from races throughout the year plus the GPS traces of top competitors and discussion of what was the best route.  A way to learn from the World’s best.
See for example:
You can search within the page for previous year’s routes.       

Lots of videos and guides on techniques and training options.  Aimed at Advanced + level.

Techniques referred to in this guide are often illustrated here, however the level and complexity can be overwhelming for some people at first.

The ‘Orienteering Exercises’ on O-Training include:

Control description
Distance evaluation
GPS evaluation
Inside the control circle
Map contact
Map memory
Map reading  
Map understanding
Mental exercise
Over speed orienteering
Pressure handling
Route choice
Route planning
Speed adaption
Sprint orienteering
Terrain memory  

SLOW (South London Orienteers)   

‘Get Up To Speed’ videos

See SLOW’s YouTube channel for an introduction:

These videos are a very helpful way to gain a quick insight into various techniques.

The Get Up To Speed playlist on YouTube includes 9 videos

The Get Up To Speed playlist on YouTube includes:

Think Fast, Run Hard, Go Orienteering
Setting the Map
Using the Compass
Attack Points
Large Contour Features
Route Choice
Intricate Contours

Orienteering USA

Orienteering USA has some articles and resources on skills and techniques, including some screen capture instruction videos.

Quantico Orienteering Club (USA)

A fuller and more structured discussion of skills than most clubs. Helpful if you want a different take on the same basic ideas.

Orienteering Australia

Orienteering Australia has some helpful structured coaching tips on orienteering skills and links to presentations and videos on skills

Orienteering ACT (Australia)

Covers a range of orienteering skills

An introduction to orienteering video from NEOOC

Orienteering uses the same map symbols, control descriptions and course grading around the world. If you would like another take on what doing an orienteering course entails, then this video from the US steps you through the most basic things you would need to know before having a go. Apart from minor differences in US terminology such as path being called a trail, the experience of orienteering is the same in the US and the UK. The video is at and linked below. It is 17 minutes long.

Introduction to orienteering, NEOOC

Orienteering Canada Skills

A rich resource on orienteering skills development. They describe it as first of all aimed at coaches, but it is publicly available. The skills development framework is structured by age groups to offer appropriate skills and physical training and development for different age groups of children.

The Skills Matrix is very thorough.


Many UK races and maps are put on here with courses and GPS traces


An interesting website/ blog on orienteering in the UK.

It includes IOF control descriptions.

They are also on IOF

and British Orienteering


The UK Orienteering magazine.  It has carried many excellent articles on techniques and training over many years.


Orienteers training logs, blogs, articles and much more.

On the Red Line

This website is dedicated to the British Orienteering Squad, but also has useful articles, links to blogs and more.

British Mountain Bike Orienteering

Mountain Bike orienteering in the UK is governed by a seperate body from British Orienteering. Details of races and formats of competition are on their website.