Further articles on skills

The structured material on Better Orienteering has been designed to get you from a beginner or improver to a higher level of orienteering skills in manageable steps. There is of course much more that can be said and much more to learn and build into your orienteering skills base.

This section includes articles on a range of orienteering skills and strategies to help you keep developing. I hope that this section will keep growing with other contributions being offered.

Articles at On The Red Line

Preparing for a single race. Alasdair McLeod

Discusses the preparation process before you get to race day


Let’s Start Well. Alasdair McLeod

Looking at race day routine


A Process Model of orienteering developed by Kris Jones

In this article Kris Jones discusses the analysis of orienteering navigation that led to a Process model of orienteering that has been incorporated into Better Orienteering. This discussion will be of most interest to orienteers wanting to develop their ideas further on orienteering analysis and coaching. This version of the article is published here in 2019.

World of O articles on Thierry Guergiou’s orienteering technique

These articles are also linked to in the Beyond Advanced section



Scientific Journal of Orienteering

The back catalogue of the journal is available on the IOF website. It covers every aspect of the sport. There are scholarly articles on skills and navigation. Unfortunately it has been published less regularly in recent years.


Using Better Orienteering in club training – BASOC

Badenoch and Strathspey Orienteering Club (Scotland) run a regular training series. They have used Better Orienteering alongside training exercises to help orienteers of a wide range of abilities. See link to an article by Lynne Walker:


British Orienteering – advice to experienced and elite competitors on improving performance

The Coaching and Training advice by Goran Andersson is aimed at elite competitors, covering a range of factors that affect performance including nutrition, psychology and planning training.