Other videos

The videos linked here are in addition to ones used in the structured discussion of orienteering skills in Better Orienteering. All the instructional videos used in Better Orienteering are listed under the Useful Websites on Orienteering and Other Resources section and there is a Playlist under the Learning Videos section..

There are many great orienteering videos that give a sense of what orienteering is all about and showcase orienteering around the world. Some show the map and head cam footage, which can be a good way to see what orienteering looks like at a high level. Other videos promote particular major events such as the O-Ringen in Sweden, and the Jukola relays in Finland, the two largest events each year. The compilation of links below gives an overview across orienteering. (Thanks to Tony Callow, Wrekin Orienteers for many suggestions from hours and hours of armchair orienteering!)

Great overview videos

YouTube: Harsh orienteer’s life
YouTube: Xperience orienteering
YouTube: Go Hard Or Go Home – The Hubmann Brothers
YouTube: Orienteering more than just running
YouTube: Simone Niggli playing Virtual-0
YouTube: IOF presents orienteering

Orienteering around the world

YouTube: Swiss O Week 2019 Highlights / Aftermovie
Swiss O week based in Gstaad including urban race and stages high in the alps
YouTube: Swiss O Week 2014 Stage 5
YouTube: Lahti-Holloa Jukola 2018 – Official Aftermovie
The largest team relay of the calendar that runs through the night on midsummer’s night
YouTube: O-Ringen 2013 Sista etappen! (last stage)
Great footage of all age groups competing in the forest in the biggest event of the calendar
YouTube: Orienteering Norway
YouTube: Orienterungslauf – laufen mit Kompass mit Karte
Orienteering, running with compass, map, brains
Vimeo: IOF Ski Orienteering