Skill levels

Better Orienteering Skills Matrix

A quick overview of skills at different levels

The skills material on Better Orienteering is organised in the following levels:


All you need to get started

Basic Navigation Routine

How to navigate reliably

Intermediate – Skills Tool Kit

Orienteering specific navigation skills that will make you better

Advanced Strategies

How to join up all the navigation ideas and skills

Beyond Advanced

Suggestions on what to think about to keep developing your orienteering

Further articles on skills

Insights from elite orienteers and coaches to help you follow their success

Better Orienteering Summary

A helpful summary to use as you work through this website. It has web links embedded that take you to the corresponding web pages

This info-graphic summarizes your route through Better Orienteering

It is worth remembering that many skills operate at each of these levels but with differing levels of sophistication. The levels used here are intended to give a structure to help you think through your orienteering. They also allow a sense of progression so that you do not feel the need to think about all the skills at the same time.

Photo: Steve Rush BOK

British Orienteering STEP system

This is included here for completeness. Better Orienteering has categorised skills development in less steps than the British Orienteering model and the material on Better Orienteering is intended for self-teaching of orienteering skills.