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New to Orienteering some tips

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How well am I orienteering?

Some questions to help you diagnose how well you are orienteering

CompassSport article on Better Orienteering

If Better Orienteering has started too far down the orienteering learning curve for you then do ask for help at an orienteering race. Most clubs have people with coaching experience who can help you get started.


There have been quite a few good books on orienteering techniques that are now out of print or hard to get hold of.  Hence one of the reasons for creating this short guide to help people get Better at Orienteering.

However, as of 2019 the following books are still easily available.

Carol McNeil (2010) ‘Orienteering: skills, techniques, training’, The Crowood Press Ltd

A comprehensive introduction by one of the best orienteers Britain has ever produced.  Carol has been involved with every aspect of the sport. Thoroughly recommended. 

Charles Ferguson and Robert Turbyfill (2013) ‘Discovering orienteering’, Human Kinetics

A large book with lots of detail.

The excerpts on Human give a flavour of the book:

5 Techniques that are key to successful to orienteering

Mario Tribbs (2012) ‘Orienteering Basics: All about orienteering’, Back-Pocket Books

Short, clear and introductory.

Jean Cory-Wright (2000) ‘The Little Book of Orienteering Techniques’

This short booklet is free to download or view. It gives another take on a range of basic skills and techniques. See for example:

Jan Kjellstrom (1994) ‘Be Expert with Map and Compass’, 3rd edition

A classic book. It is long, and thorough.

It has appeared on the web as a pdf download, and many used copies are available.

Not surprisingly there is a lot of excellent material on orienteering in other languages such as Swedish and Finnish. Hopefully more of this material will make it into English.