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Contributions are needed in the following areas to keep building Better Orienteering for the whole orienteering community. Please do contact me to discuss.

  • Map extracts with annotated examples of skills
  • Map extracts with examples of errors
  • Links to relevant articles and resources
  • Further instruction videos
  • Help with translation to other languages including Swedish, French, German, Finnish

Please Note: Map extracts need to be accompanied by permission from the copyright holder for use on Better Orienteering. Thank you.

If you think there is any other material that should be covered on Better Orienteering please do get in touch. If you are able to contribute other material or examples such as videos, error analysis, examples of skills being used, or anything else useful it would be good to hear from you.

You can email via the Contact section.

Contributors should be 18 or over.

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Duncan Bayliss