Better Orienteering is One Year Old

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this skills project.

Whatever stage your orienteering is at, there is something for you

People have used the website from all around the world.

Better Orienteering keeps growing. More than 30 people from 9 countries have contributed material – guides, maps, videos. There are now over 40 instructions videos linked within Better Orienteering, going from the Irish Orienteering Association’s ultra clear guide to the basics -10 Elements of Orienteering, to intermediate and advanced skills with the SLOW Get Up to Speed series and videos from O-Ringen TV.

Over the last months much material has been added. If you haven’t looked at Better Orienteering for a while, there is new material in almost every section. Here are some of the highlights:

Some highlights

Goran Andersson kindly allowed some pages from his excellent book, Cool, Awesome, Educational – Orienteering in Simple English to be included. The new edition is now 88 pages and includes very useful explanations of orienteering and training exercises in full colour.

Skilling Up by Richard Sansbury has been linked in the Basic Navigation Routine section.

Know Your Sport Leaflets a series by David Jukes of BKO have also added to Basic Navigation Routine section, covering the basics of many aspects of our sport.

Orienteering Australia’s comprehensive map reading training exercises are linked too:

Two series of videos from O-Ringen TV have been built into the skills section, and also listed under the Videos Tab.

Thanks to Simon Eklov of O-Ringen TV, for permission to use them and encouragement to keep building Better Orienteering. Personal favourites are the videos with Janne Troeng demonstrating how to tackle some difficult legs in terrain near Uppsala. Here is one:

and this one with Mats Troeng talking about what has happened to maps since 1965:

This short overview can’t thank everyone and is far from comprehensive and many others have contributed including Kris Jones with a process model of orienteering which he kindly allowed to be adapted into the Plan, Picture, Direction model used across Better Orienteering.

If you are finding Better Orienteering helpful, please do ask your club/ association to link to Better Orienteering from their website.

Better Orienteering is and will remain free to use. An incredible amount of time and effort has gone into the content linked from it and built into by many authors, all giving their time to help others get into the sport they love. They are mentioned across the website.

Thank you for your interest in getting better at orienteering and helping others get into our sport and get better too.

Duncan Bayliss, May 2020

Better Orienteering Copyright Duncan Bayliss, 2020

Please see the Fair Use Policy and mention Better Orienteering in any mentions of material you find here. Copyright for linked material remains with the authors and creators of that material and you should seek permission from them for other uses.

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