How has Better Orienteering helped you?

Better Orienteering is now 2 years old. Over 40 people have contributed content. The Quick Start page is available in many languages. Many people are using Better Orienteering, even though we are still in Lockdown in most of the world.

It would be great to hear from you what has been the most helpful content on Better Orienteering.

When orienteering starts up again after lockdown, some more videos will almost certainly be added, particularly at the Intermediate and Advanced level.

Do you have suggestions for what else could be included that would be helpful?

It would be good to hear from people using the website. You can use this Contact link.

Duncan Bayliss, April 2021

2 thoughts on “How has Better Orienteering helped you?

  1. Dear Duncan

    This is a very much overdue response to your email back in April. It is strange how many tasks can remain undone when we are not able to engage with most of our usual activities because of COVID. Here in Canberra in Australia, we have been under very tight restrictions now for some weeks, with at least 3 more weeks to come. Australia is in effect divided into 2 countries at present, with NSW, Victoria and the ACT in a continuing growth path of Delta variant spread, and the rest of the country with no community transmissions, normal lifestyle and with their borders locked against those of us in the “diseased” States!

    The result has been that since late May, all our national and most of our major/ State championships have been cancelled, and in NSW/VIC/ACT all orienteering events, along with all other organised sports. Fortunately there has been a consequential outburst of Maprun activity, with much new mapping, which is enabling us to test ourselves (or enjoyably jog!) round local courses old and new.

    However, that is all background to my main purpose in writing, which is to congratulate you on the development of Better Orienteering. I am a 75 year old orienteer, who has had some contact with the sport for about 30 years. I am fit but not talented athletically, and love the sport’s combination of mental and physical challenge. I regard myself as a fairly mediocre orienteer, occasionally on the podium at State level, and very occasionally at national level when several of my more able challengers have a bad day (or more rarely I have a very good day!)

    Although I have done a lot of reading on orienteering over the years, and there is much useful on the Web generally, I find Better Orienteering to be the best overall source of structured guidance to orienteers proceeding through from beginner to beyond advanced level. I have learned a lot. I do hope that the recent trials with COVID won’t blunt your enthusiasm from continuing to develop the site. I am hoping my learnings from your material will result in a great 2022 season for me (whatever my results are, I always enjoy the competition,, so that shouldn’t be difficult, but it is nice to be fully satisfied with one’s performance occasionally!)

    Anyway, many thanks again

    Regards Eric Wainwright


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