Quick Start translated to German

The Quick Start page has been translated to German using DeepL translator. DeepL is very good, but a native speaker who knows orienteering well will be able to improve the translation. If you can help improve it please do contact me via the Contact page.


Quick Start in other languages has been checked by an orienteer who is a first language speaker to ensure it reflects the terms and language used in the sport accurately. Thank you to all those who helped.

If you can get your club or orienteering association to make a link to Better Orienteering that would be great. More than 50 people have contributed material and every effort has been made to acknowledge all contributions.

If you use material from Better Orienteering please attribute it clearly and include a link back to this website. Orienteering is a sport that relies on a high level of trust and fair play. Please apply the same fair play to learning about orienteering skills as to using them in races.

Thank you,

Duncan Bayliss

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